rmtree GPL Application

The rmtree application will remove an entire directory tree from a disk. Be very careful. It is easy to accidently delete the entire contents of an entire disk. Any mention of QNX in this document refers to the QNX 4.x OS.

This application uses the directory tree removal and directory scanning API's.

The rmtree application can be compiled on any stated platform. Under the Linux/Unix/QNX operating systems, rmtree can be compiled using the mkrmtree script.

Command Line Syntax

The rmtree application has the following command line syntax:

   rmtree [-l log_file] dirpath

Where dirpath is the directory path where the deletion should begin. This path must be given in absolute form. The l (el) switch is used to specify an output log file where programing logging messages can be written. Note that the switch character (a dash/hyphen [-] is shown here) depends on the platform the application is running on.

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