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GPL Software Download

All package documentation is from this Future Lab web site in HTML form. Each download package contains a file called readme.html which is your guide to the Future Lab GPL software. You will be given an opportunity to view a text version (I put the file into 'txt' due to the HTML links which will not resolve correctly until the package is installed) of this readme file. You should read the top part of the readme including the installation section. It would also be a good idea to print the readme file.

Note that all source code and executable/binary programs use the 8.3 naming convention in the package. The documentation, however, uses the html extension for compatibility with Unix.

MT4Analysis Php Packages

Version .48.01-2010.10.01

Tcl Packages

Version .66-1.36-2008.09.01

C/C++ Packages

Download Source Only Package

Version 1.36-2006.09.17

Download Packages by Platform


Version 1.36-2006.09.17

Built using FreeBSD 5.4 and gcc 3.4.2.


Version 1.36-2006.09.17

The Linux package built using Ubuntu Linux but should run on any x86 Linux that supports the ELF binary format

QNX 4.x

Version 1.36-2006.09.17

The QNX package is distributed in gzip tared format.

Windows 32bit

Version 1.36-2006.09.17


Version 1.36-2006.09.17

GLOBAL Hypertext Version 1.36-2006.09.17

All Future Lab C/C++ GPL code is available in GLOBAL hypertext form. The de-compressed size of all the hypertext is currently 8.62mb.

The compressed contents has an index.html file at its root level. Just load this index.html file into your browser to view the hypertext.

If you have compiled the Future Lab GPL source code for a platform not listed here, please drop me a line. I will try and post the package.

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