iex and iexm GPL Applications

The iex and iexm GPL applications use the Bbuuzzb database engine or server to import ASCII data into a database table.

The iex application is designed for single user use. The Bbuuzzb database engine is linked into this binary/executable. Before you can run the iex application, you must set up a database engine configuration file called dbeng.cfg with a minimum of the tmp_path and log entries (the catalog entry is optional but recommended).

The iexm application is designed for client/server environments and uses either TCP sockets or QNX message passing IPC method. Any mention of QNX in this document refers to the QNX 4.x OS.

iexm requires a Bbuuzzb database server running. The iexm application communicates with the Bbuuzzb database server, the socloc server and the system log server through TCP sockets. In order to get iexm to successfully connect to the Bbuuzzb database server, the server must already be running and registered with the socloc server and there must be at least one socloc server and at least one system log server running within the environment. A socloc startup file must also be composed to connect to a socloc server. The database configuration file is not required for the iexm application.

Only the TCP IPC version of iexm requires a socloc server and a socloc startup file. The requirement for a system log server however, is part of all versions of iex.

All configuration files must be located in the same directory as the binary/executable program. The iex and iexm applications must be executed within their current directory so the program can locate the configuration files.

The import is performed using the iexlib database API.

The iex application can be compiled for all stated platforms. The iexm application can be compiled on all stated platforms except DOS where there is no IPC method. Under the Linux/Unix/QNX operating systems, the iex application can be compiled using the mkiex script. The iexm application can be compiled using the mkiexm script.

Program Syntax

iex and iexm both have the same program syntax:

   iex[m] ascii_input table_output profile_name

Where ascii_input is the path and file name of the ASCII input file, table_output is the name of the bbuuzzb output table which must be given in accordance with the open table guidelines. profile_name is the name of the import profile (the value loaded into field one of the import profile).

The import profile is a record in the iex.config table that contains a list of import specifications, one specification per input field or element.

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