Database Session Table

The Future Lab Bbuuzzb database engine contains a configuration option called the session_table.

The session table is a Bbuuzzb system table that is used internally by the database server to store the record contents of tables in use while the server is running.

Since the database server can have many tables in use by many users, the session table reduces the amount of memory the database server consumes by storing the current record data in the session table while the database server is not operating on that specific tid. This design is consistent with our values in that low memory consumption is a higher priority than program speed.

The database session table is active and available only in client/server mode. The session table will be cleared out at the start of the server session. The session table is active, by default, when the database server starts. If the session table configuration option points to a session table that does not exist, an attempt will be made to create a new session table. It is considered a fatal error if the session table cannot be opened or created.

The session table can be changed at runtime by calling the configuration function db_config_set_session. The session table feature can also be turned off by calling the configuration function db_config_set_session_flag. Keep in mind that if you turn off the session table, the memory consumed by the database server will increase in relationship to the number of active tids.

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