Socloc API's

The ability to talk to the socloc server is contained with these socloc API's. Before trying to understand how the API's function (pun intended), you should make sure you understand the concept of socloc by reading the socloc overview.

Once this API locates a socloc server that is responding, this server is considered the current socloc server and all API function calls (with some exceptions) will be routed to this socloc server.

Socloc API Modules


This module consists of the main socloc API.


This module reads the socloc startup file, and maintains the link list of available socloc servers.


This module translates all socloc return codes to English.


This module parses or builds a connect string used with socloc find commands.


This module is used by the socloc server to communicate with other socloc servers or other socket servers.

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