Socloc Codes API

The socloc code API module has the file name sliocode.c. This module provides an API to convert all socloc return codes to an English phrase.

Here is a list of functions in this module:

Module Dependencies

Although this module does not strictly need to be linked with any other module, this module is always linked with all the other socloc modules.

Module Header Files

This module depends on the following header files:

Module Functions


Prototype   : void db_io_code_string(int ret, char *mes)
Parameters  :
      Name  : ret
Description : valid socloc code

      Name  : mes
Description : output string

This function takes the input code ret, converts it to an English phrase and loads the phrase into mes which already must be allocated to sufficient size.

Socloc Codes

Almost all socloc functions return a code called a socloc code which is a zero or positive integer. socloc codes are defined in the header socloc.h. Notice that all socloc code definitions start with:


Your application must check the return code of each socloc function call. If the result is not:


you must take some action.

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