Tcl Applications

Future Lab has built a number of Tcl applications that are available under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Before attempting to run any of the Future Lab Tcl applications, make sure you are aware of the tcl source directory structure and you have read and understand the guide to running the applications.

Here is a list of the Future Lab Tcl applications:

Text Editor

This application is a graphical text editor.


This is a graphical expression calculator application.

Random Data Generator

This application generates data files consisting of random numbers for other applications.

Move or Delete Files Based on Age

This application will move or delete individual files or entire directory trees based on file age in days.

Single User Database Stress

This application will stress the Bbuuzzb database engine.

Convert ASCII Files From DOS/Windows to Unix

This application will convert an ASCII text file using DOS/Windows line delimiters to the Unix/Linux/BSD line delimiter.

Fixed-Point Stress

This application stress tests the fixed-point API.

Database Random Data Generator

This application will generate random data tables for the Bbuuzzb database engine.

Database Command Line Interpreter

This application is the single user database command line interface.

Test Internet Connection

This application will test an Internet connection.

Database ASCII Import

This application will import a fixed or delimited field ASCII file into a Bbuuzzb database table.

Personal Scheduler (text based)

A single user personal schedule program with budget planning.

Personal Scheduler (graphical)

A single user personal schedule program with budget planning.

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