Tcl Logging Manager Library Module

The Tcl logging manager library module has the file name logman.tcl. This module manages messages and allows the messages to be dynamically sent to either a local log file (using the personal logging API) or the system logger.

This module uses the personal logging API to send messages to a local log and the system logger API to send messages to the system logger.

Note that in this first version of the Tcl software built by Future Lab, the client/server modules are not included. This includes the system logger API.

This module contains the following global data:

Here is a list of functions in the logging manager library module:

Module Dependencies

The following modules are required along with this module:

Module Definition Files

This module requires the definition file:

Module Procedures


Declaration  : proc logman_start {dest {apname ""}}
Parameters   :
      Name   : dest
      Type   : string
Description  : message destination

      Name   : apname
      Type   : string
      Default: empty
Description  : application name

Returns      : zero upon success, one (personal logging) or a sys_log code

This procedure will start logging through the log manager by either starting to log using a local log file or the system log interface depending on the contents of the message destination. The application name parameter is only required (always) for the system logger. If logging has been successfully started with a message destination at least once, you are allowed to pass an empty string for the message destination which indicates to re-start the same destination. This procedure returns a system log code if the system log was requested or zero upon success, one upon failure when the system log was not requested.


Declaration  : proc logman_end {}

This procedure will stop the log manager and all logging.


Declaration  : proc logman {mes}
Parameters   :
      Name   : mes
      Type   : string
Description  : message string

This procedure will output the message string through the log manager to the current destination. The message is only output if the log manager is active (by calling the procedure logman_start).


Declaration  : proc logman_is_active {}

Returns      : 1 if active, 0 otherwise

This procedure will return the status of the log manager.


Declaration  : proc logman_get_name {}

Returns      : current log name or destination

This procedure will obtain and return the current log name or destination.


Declaration  : proc logman_console {flag}
Parameters   :
      Name   : flag
      Type   : boolean number
Description  : console output flag

This procedure will set whether logging output will be sent to the console/screen. Output will be turned off if the console output flag is zero. Any other value will cause console output to be turned on.


Declaration  : proc logman_get_console {}

Returns      : 1 if console output is on, 0 otherwise

This procedure will return the current log console output flag.

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