Tcl/Tk Font Dialog Library Module

The Tcl/Tk font dialog library module has the file name fontdlg.tcl. This module contains procedures that present a font dialog and allow the user the change the font.

Here is a list of procedures in the this module:

Module Dependencies

No other modules are required with this module.

Module Definition Files

This module does not require any definition files.

Module Procedures


Declaration  : proc fontdialog {font_name}
Parameters   :
      Name   : font_name
      Type   : font
Description  : name of current font

Returns      : 1 if user chooses a font, 0 otherwise

This procedure will present a modal font dialog and change the font if requested.


Declaration  : proc fontdialogentry {item entrywidget}
Parameters   :
      Name   : item
      Type   : string
Description  : font family, style or size description

      Name   : entrywidget
      Type   : entry widget name
Description  : entry widget to update

This procedure will update one of the font entry fields in the font dialog and call fontdialogregen to redisplay the font.


Declaration  : proc fontdialogregen {}

This procedure will redisplay the font based on any changes that were made.

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