Tcl/Tk Menu Entry Library Module

The Tcl/Tk menu entry library module has the file name menu.tcl. This module contains a procedure that will create menu entries in an existing menu bar.

Here is a list of procedures in the this module:

Module Dependencies

No other modules are required with this module.

Module Definition Files

This module does not require any definition files.

Module Procedures


Declaration  : proc createmenu {menubar basename text mnemonic}
Parameters   :
      Name   : menubar
      Type   : menu widget name
Description  : name of parent menu bar base widget

      Name   : basename
      Type   : menu widget name
Description  : base name of menu item (eg: file)

      Name   : text
      Type   : string
Description  : menu item title

      Name   : mnemonic
      Type   : string
Description  : letter to underline

Returns      : menu name

This procedure will create a menu entry into an existing menu bar (call the procedure createmenubar to create the initial menu bar). The method used to create the menu entry is based on the version of Tk that is running. The returned menu name must be saved and used in subsequent calls to this procedure as the base name of menu item.

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