Tcl/Tk Pop Up Down Library Module

The Tcl/Tk pop up/down library module has the file name popupdown.tcl. This module contains procedures that will place a popup window centered on the screen and also remove the popup window. Note that the popup window contains no buttons and it is the callers responsibility to remove the popup window.

Here is a list of procedures in the this module:

Module Dependencies

No other modules are required with this module.

Module Definition Files

This module does not require any definition files.

Module Procedures


Declaration  : proc pop_up {mes}
Parameters   :
      Name   : mes
      Type   : string
Description  : popup message

This procedure will display a popup window centered on the screen. Note that if an existing popup window is already present, it will be removed. Also note that the text message is displayed using a single line label.


Declaration  : proc pop_down {}
Parameters   : none

This procedure will remove any existing popup window on the screen (if present).

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