Socloc Header Files

The following header files are used by the socloc modules:


This header contains defines for the module sconnect.c. These include return codes that are specific to connect string parsing and building as well as the maximum size of a connect string and the function prototypes for the module sconnect.c


This header file contains all definitions relating to the link list of socloc servers also called the config list. This link list structure is called sl_config_entry. Here is the definition:

struct sl_config_entry
   char *host_name;               /* host name */
   int port_number;               /* port number */
   char *ip_addr;                 /* IP address (optional) */

   /* is this the current local server?
      used by 'socloc' server only */

   int is_local_server;
   struct sl_config_entry *next;

This header also contains the definition of the socloc startup file as well as the function prototypes from the module slconfig.c.


This header contains function prototypes for the module sliocode.c.


This header contains function prototypes for the module sloc.c.


This header is not tied to any specific socloc module. It contains defines of:


This header contains the function prototypes for the socloc server communications API.

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