Tcl Database Codes API

The Tcl database code API module has the file name diocode.tcl. This module provides a database code API to convert all Bbuuzzb database return codes to an English phrase.

Here is a list of procedures in this module:

Module Dependencies

No other modules are required with this module.

Module Definition Files

This module requires the following definition files:

Module Procedures


Declaration   : proc db_io_code_string {io_stat}
Parameters    :
      Name    : io_stat
      Type    : integer
Description   : valid dbeng code

Returns       : English explaination of the code

This procedure will interpret the dbeng code and return an English explanation of the code.


Declaration   : proc db_io_code_log {mname desc io_code}
Parameters    :
      Name    : mname
      Type    : string
Description   : procedure name

      Name    : desc
      Type    : string
Description   : error description

      Name:   : io_code
      Type    : integer
Description   : valid dbeng code

This procedure will interpret the dbeng code, format and send a message to the log manager. The format of the message is:


Dbeng Codes

Almost all database engine procedures return a database code called a dbeng code which is a zero or positive integer. Dbeng codes are defined in the definition file dbmess.tcl. Notice that all dbeng code definitions start with:


Your application must check the return code of each database procedure call. If the result is not:


you must take some action.

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