Core Library

The Future Lab core GPL library is licensed under the terms of the General Public License (GPL). Note that, under these license terms, you are not allowed to embed or link this library into non-GPL software.

The Future Lab core or foundation library is made up of 22 C modules or source files. Refer to the software overview for an overview of Future Lab GPL library modules. Unless otherwise noted, all functions in all modules can be compiled for any stated platform. Any mention of QNX in this document refers to the QNX 4.x OS.

The core library modules also depend on the library header files. In the Linux/Unix/QNX platforms, the library can be compiled using the script cclib.


Functions in the parse library module manipulate string data. Many of the functions deal with word data.


Fio stands for file i/o. The functions contained in this module perform generic file access. File i/o functions contained in this module are stream oriented.


This module contains functions to handle stand-alone or personal logging. Messages are written to a log file.


This module contains the system logger client API. Log messages are sent to the system logger.


This module translates system logger codes to English. There is only one function in this module at the moment.


This module is the high-level client IPC API using either TCP sockets or QNX message passing.


This module is the high-level connection oriented, iterative server IPC API using either TCP sockets or QNX message passing.


This module is the low-level TCP interface. Both client and server TCP API's use this interface.


This module manages the TCP configuration data. TCP configuration data consists of the TCP port number and the TCP host name. Configuration data is stored in an ASCII file.

With the introduction of socloc and the TCP/IP configuration management that it provides without the need for TCP/IP configuration files, this module is obsolete and not used by any Future Lab GPL software. The module will not be removed as it may be of some use.


This module contains functions related to IP addresses including resolving an IP address from a host name, resolving a host name from an IP address and determining whether a string contains a valid IP address.


This module consists of a multi-platform directory scanning API.


This module is the main timesync API.


This module translates timesync codes to English.


This module is the fixed-point math API. Functions in this module allow you to perform basic floating-point calculations without using floating-point numbers.


This module performs math conversions.


This module contains functions that manipulate/convert dates and times.


This module handles the notification of application initialization along with the storing and access of the application name.


This module contains functions specific to our weather station (obsolete).


This module contains miscellaneous functions that do not belong in any other module.


This module is the logging manager. It manages messages sent to dynamic destinations. Messages can be sent to any personal log or the system logger.


This module contains the directory tree removal API.


This module is the directory path parsing API.

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