System Logger Code API Library Module

The system logger code API library module has the file name slogcode.c. This module provides system logger code translation. This module can be used by itself but the module is usually used as part of a sys_log client application which also includes the modules:

Module Header Files

This module requires the header files:

The headers slogcode.h and sys_log.h are automatically included from the header file enhlib.h which is automatically included from header file stdhead.h except in the case of the DOS platform which does not have a system log server or sys_log API.

Module Function


Prototype  : void sys_log_code_string(int code, char *mes)
Parameters :
      Name : code
Description: system log code

      Name : mess
Description: output string

This function will take the input system log code and translate it to an English string loaded into the output string.

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