Software Overview

Future Lab provides software under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). For a complete review of these concepts, refer to:

The GPL software provided by Future Lab is written in C and Tcl. I use C because it is fairly portable (if written correctly) and compact. I use Tcl because it is multi-platform and graphical applications can be built using it.

Future Lab GPL software is like building a house. Everything is built upon the foundation and many pieces interconnect. For this reason, a natural drawback is that pieces cannot easily be removed from the software.

Most applications are offered in a single user version and a client/server version. The client/server version is built using one of two methods of interprocess communication across multiple platforms:

Future Lab C software is offered in a source only version and a source with already compiled executable/binary version. Not all platforms will have a source with executable/binary version as I do not have access to all platforms.

This next section will briefly describe the GPL modules.

Library Modules

The foundation of my GPL software is the library. The library is made up of 22 modules:

Database Engine and API's

This category consists of the database engine module and interface API modules. The database engine is based on variable field/record length and typeless data. The following modules are included:

Socloc and API's

This section deals with the socket locate information. The important components are:

GPL Applications

Tcl Software Overview

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